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WHILE we all believe that it’s the only language that can be understood all over the world, music can
be the rhythm of peace so we decided to take the Sudanese music to another level, and help
spreading our culture around the world,
MESSAGE for the band is to spread peace and love throw the music, and we make a very easy understandable lyrics that suites every ear even if its been translated into other languages from Arabic, and what unify us the most is that the band sing their own lyrics as this is rarely happens in Sudanese music beside some of poets who work with us and targeted their words to the community as its the main target for us too,, 

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You can listen to our music directly from here

Anghami offers great taste of music, and we LOVE to be part of that taste

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Love and Peace is our message!!

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We produced our own 1st album and it called “Khashab” from the wooden instruments that has been played in, and the album was a charity to one of the known initiatives to make the community help in supporting them; by buying a CD and will directly you supports the initiative.

Almost before we knew it, we had left the ground.A shining crescent far beneath the flying vessel.

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Albustan Ave, Elnefiedi St, 
Riyadh, Khartoum